Kung Fu

1Our Adult/Teen Kung Fu program offers a comprehensive curriculum in the styles of Shaolin and Hun Gar. Learn a fascinating art while learning very practical self defense skills! Kung Fu teaches us to better ourselves. To that end, we cater to all fitness levels from the experienced athlete to the beginner. You’ll find that your greatest opponent in training is yourself – master this and you’ll be ready to face ANY challenge! Begin >>>

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is based on instincitve responses which allow tactics to be learned and applied in minimal time and to overcome an attack as quickly as possible. Regardless of your strength or size, this class will help you feel confident in the ability to defend yourself and those you love…and get in FANTASTIC shape while doing it! Begin >>>

Women’s KickBoxFit

3We are having Fun!! Come to one of the best total-body workouts available! You don’t need to be a martial arts expert to start kickboxing for fitness! Now here’s a kickboxing class for women from beginners to black belt masters! Exercise to music against a heavy bag & improve your fitness level in an exciting, energetic and fun atmosphere. Begin >>>


4Our children’s program is the most comprehensive age-specific martial arts program available on the market today. We have classes for children 4 – 67 – 9, and 10 – 14. At RMA Martial Arts & Fitness, we are committed to establishing measurable results, physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. We are dedicated to providing each student with the safest and most positive training atmosphere possible! Begin >>>

Our Mission Statement:

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At RMA Martial Arts & Fitness we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most professional training atmosphere possible.  We provide cutting edge martial arts, fitness and self defense classes for students of all ages and all fitness levels. We promote physical fitness and martial arts training in a safe, fun, family friendly, and positive atmosphere. Our greatest responsibility is to inspire, motivate and equip our students for a better life through martial arts and fitness training, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude! Check out our class schedule.

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